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Introducing Blogger Dashboard Complete Step by Step

In the previous post I have teach you how to create blog in Google blogger and today I will introduce you from Blogger Dashboard.
After Creating Blogspot blog you need to know about your blogger dashboard in depth today I will tell you step by step about each function of your blog and their use. So let’s start blogging
  1. First you need to go http:\\Blogger. Com and Login with your Blogger/Gmail Id.

  2.   Now you at your blogger dashboard shown below.


  3.Blogger dashboard has a tow section (a) Top  and  (b) Middle/bottom first we will  discussed about both
Top bar: -- In the top bar you can see first new blog icon in the left side and also your blog Page Views and total number of Post, Blog Published Date and Google Plus follower, and you can see pencil icon for creating new Post, and blogger Menu bar and in the top of you can see your Google plus profile name, Google Apps, Notification and share button for your post that shown below in image


Middle Bar:--- In the middle bar first you can see Add button you can add your new many blog here and below you can see  All blog list, your all Post shown in your middle dashboard.


     4. Now we will start open blog menu bar and review each option step by step. Click       first option Overview. 

Overview: -- Overview will show default when your click on particular blog, you can see your page-view month wise in graph on left side at below the graph and at below and, it show three top traffic sources of your blog. And many more other things under like Comment and other published blog guide, Published comments, Page-views Today, Followers of your blog.


Post :-- Now Click on second option Post, you can see here two option All post and Published post, and check box for each post when your cursor touch on any post title then you will see Edit, Share, View and Delete Post option in below the post heading. In all post you can see here your all Published posts and Draft post and all other information about your posts like Label which you add in your Blog post, Author Name, Google + shares (you can share your any post direct to Google plus), Number of Comments on a Particular Post, Number of page-views of each Post. On top of the Posts Bar, you can see Number of posts in your Blog and other options like Delete post(you can delete any post), Publish post, Revert to Draft(You can save your any post in draft before publishing). You can check the number of posts and can operate all actions mentioned in the above.
And second option published post it show only published post.

setup+blogger+page+settingPages: --- It will show you all pages Like About Us, Contact Us and other pages. You can see New Page, Published, Revert to Draft and Delete icon button. You can Create and Published New Pages and Revert to Draft or Delete of any pages through fill the selected page check box and click delete or revert to draft or published button and when your cursor touch on any post title then you will see Edit, Share, View and Delete Post option for editing, sharing and deleting of any pages.


Google + :--     Google + is a Social Networking site created by Google you can see your Google Plus profile and it will help you share your Post to Google Plus audience automatically. Fill the check all box for sharing and promoting your post to Google Plus and for using Google plus comment.

Status: --                   When you will open status it will directly open overview it is data collection of your site status   like pageviews today, yesterday, last month and All time History. It will show you your site pegeviews Post wise, Country wiese and number of people searches your post or blog/site, and traffic sources of your blog.
Definitely Status showing your site traffic information but check your blog original Traffic Status use Google Analysis which is very accurate and effective.


Earning:--       For every blogger have a best way to earning that is provided by Google Adsense .Ofcourse there are many source to earning money from blog but the Google Adsense is a best and effective way to earning form blog. Google Adsense and other ways for earning we will discussed in further chapter.


Layout: --       Layout is most important part of blog it used for customization of blog layout. Blogger has a very simple and easy to customizeblog layout or template. It will show your blog header, Post area, Sidebar and Footer of your blog. You can add a number of widgets and advertisement, forms, Social bookmarking widgets etc and adjustment or Edit of your blog Header, Post Area, Sidebar, Footer and widgets. Learn how to add custom widgets to blogger blog.


Template:-      When you click on Template your blog live shown in desktop version and mobile version and below many template you can choose any one template for your blog and here you can see two button  (A) Customize and  (B) Edit HTML. The both option are very important for every blogger through (a) Customize option you can customization ofblog template one can change/adjust template background/Sidebar/Header/Footer, color, font and so on and (B) Edit Html is show template coding if you have a knowledge of html, Css and other language you can edit your template coding easily to learn how to customize template or Edit template Click here.


Settings: -        In the Settings you can adjust or re-setup blog settings. Here have five option Basic, Post & Comment, Mobile & Email, Language and Formatting, Search Preference and Other  you can setup all this things easily How to setup each blogger Setting I will tell you step by step in further chapter.




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