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How to create new Google Blogger step by step tutorial

create free blog

How to Create My first Blog/Site

  • Before hand, know the first 5 things your are going to post. 
 Before starting you should Have a logo and an idea of your main  colors for Creating a blog with Google Blogger ! Who knew?
 Before you start, you should know what your plan is...
  • There are three main types of blogs:
    1. personal/journal
    2. collaborative- more than one author
    3. topical-based on a particular subject
  • Choose what type of blog you want to create and make sure it reflects your goals while providing value to your target audience.
  • Decide how often you are going to post, how often you post is based on the reader audience you have.
  • Get some things together.

Start building your blog/site 

. There are some Websites address Where you can create your blog.

free blog creating website

1. Go to

build your free website

2. If you already have a Google /Gmail account, just type  your user name and password in the top right fields and click Sign In. 
build your free blog in

3. If you don't have a Google account, click Sign Up and fill your information in the required fields.

Make your free blog/website in

4.after creating a Google account sign In and click Continue to blogger

Create your own blog

5.Now you are at your blogger dashboard click on New Blog Icon

make your new free site

6. Enter title and blog address that you want for your site in the Title field and address field.Titles are a lot like newspaper headlines: catchy and informative so that they encourage visitors to your Site to continue reading & Address is the internet address of your blog like is a address of Google website.

Free site building tutorial

7. After Entering title and address click to Create Blog.

Create google free blog

8. Click to new posting icon and you are ready to posting article.

start free blogging in

9. You did not write any post therefore your blog is empty.

Start free blogging/site building

10. Now we will start posting Clicked on new post (Pencil icon) icon. Now you will see.

Make free website/blog

11. Enter Title of the post in the title field and write your post/article in large field.

Titles are a lot like newspaper headlines: catchy and informative so that they encourage visitors to read you’re Post/Article. Consider writing posts is a standard word-processing program, such as Notepad or Microsoft Word, and saving the document. Many users have spent hours composing right in the entry field of their blog software only to find that their Internet connection has failed or another technical problem has occurred, resulting in a lost post.

Start building your own website/blog

12. Format your post
Blogger’s entry field includes icons across the top that let you change the font and font size, apply bold and italics to text, and create common formatting styles like lists. To use these features, select the text in the field that you want to modify by clicking and dragging over the text; then click the appropriate icon or select an option from the desired drop-down list..After giving a title and post article click on update

How to make website/blog free

13. Choose Public and click Share

blogger blog start building

14. Now your blog website has been created! Enter your Site address in search field or your browser 

beginning your site building without any experience

15. Now you are posted one article. your article look as the same below

blogging tutorial

16For inserting Image in your post

Learn how to insert image in blogger blog post

17. Choose Photo from your computer and Click Add Selected 

insert image in your blogger blog post
Create blog
how to insert/write content in blogger blog

18. After Inserting image you can set image alignment (left, Center, Right) and Remove or add Caption for image.

Create free professional website



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