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How to Customize blogger default template Step by Step tutorial

In Previous Post i teach you How to create Static Page and in this post you will learn how to change blog title, Change blog Background Color, text Color, Link, Font, Color Post Headings, Width, Height, and customization footer or Sidebar column and so on...
Every user wants to make Professional, beautiful, eye catching and SEO Friendly their blog/Website therefore it's important that customization blog Template. Blogger have number of themes for blogger and  easy option to customization blog themes and no need to highly technical skills.

It's true that blogger provide a many themes for their user but blogger template is very oldest and designed many years ago and not proper seo friendly or professional therefore i suggest you customize third party template, which is SEO friendly and good layout, capable to achieve your target audience and according to your blog topic. To Learn how to upload 3rd party template click  here     

How to Customize blog default Template

Blog have an easy function for customization your blog theme. You can change your blog backgroundpost background , and text color , link color tab and template, width and so on below the step of customization. 

A). Sign in on and go to your blog dashboard now open menu bar and click to Template

Customize your blog default template

B) . Click to Customize if you have HTML knowledge you can change in Edit HTML by coding and you can make your blog beautiful.

learn how to customiz blog default template

C) . Now you are in blogger Template Designer Page. First option is Template There are some Themes that is provided by blogger. To change your Theme  select one and see the effect below.

make your website look beautiful by customizing your blog template

D) . Second option is Background that option provide you color adjustment  on your main theme color and background you can see below the changes.

Customize blogger theme and change blog background color

E) . Third option is Adjust Widths this option provide you widths adjustment of your post and sidebar. 

Set/customize your blog width

F) . Forth option is Layout it provide you to change your blog layout like sidebar , footer ,header, navebar, Pages and so on and below by click on Edit you can change all the setting or your blog layout.

change your blog layout and sidebar
customize your blog layout

G).Fifth or last option is Advance It provide some important option Page Text, Background, Links, Blog Title, Tabs Text, Tabs Background, Post Title, Date Header, Post, Gadgets, Footer, And last Add CSS.
This option provide you the service for changing Page Text, Background, Links, Blog Title, Tabs Text, Tabs Background, Post Title, Date Header, Post, Gadgets, and Footer font and color.

change your blog layout and sidebar

    H).Add CSS  It is the most important for blog designer if you have a knowledge of  CSS you Can add Css on the text box and make your blog beautiful.

make your blog template look beautiful

I).Now see your blog look like

give a beautiful look to your blogger blog by customizing



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