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What is blog? and Different use of blogging


What is Blog

A blog (a contraction of the words web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web. it is a free service for online Content Management (CMS), provided by Google (, word press, and other service provider like, and But the & wordpress are most popular and commonly used by users. In the beginnings of blog it used for just like an online diaries on a particular subject by single users. Users were used for just personal online directory & biographic information or keeping online basic information about our organization & any other subject through text, images & audio-video & links.
The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users. (Previously, knowledge of such technologies as HTML and FTP had been required to publish content on the Web.)and Online brand advertising of a particular individual or company. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important contribution to the popularity of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artblogs), photographs (photoblogs), videos (video blogs or "vlogs"), Many Blogs provide commentary on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries; others function more as sic (MP3 blogs), and audio (podcasts). Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts. In education, It can be used as instructional resources.

Some use of blog given below

1. Most people use it like personal online web diaries (for giving personal information about yourself and your business through content, image & audio, video.
2.   Many People using it for online advertising of their product & services through individual & organization.
3.     Easy to create social network for your business & build social relation with their readers.
4.    Blogging is a effective way to earning money through advertising like Pay per click advertisement (PPC), advertising, affiliation based advertisement revenue template selling, article selling and so many ways for earning. They produce some useful information to their users
5.     Its easy way to create small & free website and present your business & product online no need to high technical skill.
6.     Major organizations set up their blog for Collection of customer feedback about their service & product through comment and mail and any other similar service.
7.    blogging is world wide web service and working all over world you can grow your business in international market & you can easily get international visitor.

In the next Chapter i will guide you how to create first blog in Google ( And how make it professional. I will guide you step by step. for go the next chapter click below in chapter 2 button



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