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Settings up mobile and email and Language and Formatting in blogger blog

language and formating in blogger

Setting Mobile and email

Blogger this function give you option for Setup your mobile device (like a smart phone or I Pad) so that you can publish your blog posts straight from them without a computer. Send your posts to your blog via text message or email.
For this settings you need to add your email address in the Comment Notification Email section. This way, you can receive an email every time when someone posts a comment to your blog. You can also set up your posts so that they are automatically emailed to certain people every time when you publish a new post.Follow these steps and image below for the better setting of your blog.

Step 1. Posting Using SMS/MMS : (Add your mobile device so that you can post from your phone.)
Step 2. Posting Using Email : (Select Published email immediately so that you can publish post by email.) 
Step 3. Comment Notification Email:(Choose up to 10 people who will be notified every time   when someone someone leaves you a comment)
Step 4. Email Post to : ( choose up to 10 people who your blog post will be emailed to every time you published.)  

setup blogger mobile and email settings

 Settings Language and Formatting 

In blogger Language and Formatting Settings help you to  Select the language you would like your blog Post to display in or give the option to your viewers translate your blog into another language. Under formatting, you can also set some options on your time zone, post date, post timestamps and comment timestamps.  Follow these steps and image below for the better setting of your blog.

Step 1. Language : (Select the language you would like to display your blog in.)
Step 2. Enable transliteration: ( Enabled ,for other to translate your blog in another language.)
Step 3. Time Zone : (Select your time zone.)
Step 4. Date Header Format : (Select date format which you would like to show.)
Step 5. Timestamp Format : (Select Time format as you would like to show. )
Step 6. Comment Teimestamp Format :(Select comment time and date format.)follow the image below :

settings up formatting and language

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