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How to edit blogger basic settings

How to edit blogger basic settings

I would like to tell you that can be easily overlooked when setting upBlogger blogs, and that is the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I mentioned in my article on large blogger tutorial website that I recommend opening a Blogger account as, in my experience, Google blogs rank very well in search results on Google. It is important, that you focus on the settings for the blog and for each individual post as well as the content of each post.
Firstly, I tell you how to edit basic settings on your blog; step by step I am giving you demo through screen short that how to edit your title and description, making sure that which you use core keywords that you have researched (see my article on Keyword for ideas and guidance for the basic setting of the blogger ):
Step 1. Go to blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic, click Edit and setup your blog basic setting.
Step 2. Read the following example carefully and see the below image it will positively help you to increase your Blog/Website traffic.

  •            Title                      -       Fill Blogger Title.
  •            Description           -       Write Blogger Description
  •            Privacy                  -        Select Visible to search engines.
  •            Blog Address        -        Write Blog URL/Address like
  • Blog Author          -        Write your name and Email Id 
  • Blog Readers         -        Select Anybody

    how to change blogger basic settings

          Your basic settings allow you to change the title, tagline and blog address at any time. You can also set the privacy setting to allow search engines to pick up your blog or you can block them from picking up your posts.By reader settings you can Allow anyone online to read your blog or only allow selected readers to view it.
          One great feature is the blog authors. You can give others access to your blog so they can create posts as well. They won’t be able to change previous posts or edit any of your blog settings unless you give them Admin privileges.

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