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How to change/Adjusting comment and post Settings with blogger blog

change comment and post settings with blogger


About Post and comments settings

Blogger added a post and comments settings option for our blogger. this settings Enable you to give the comments option to your blog visitor and set the number of post which you want to show in the main page of your is sufficient to know the visitor view about your post. By Enable comments, you will give option for the visitors in your blog to respond to your published posts. Blogger supports threaded commenting which means we display comments such that a reader can more easily differentiate between whether someone is making a general comment on the thread, or responding to another comment on the thread. Single-level comments will always be displayed chronologically.

Today i tell you how to change/adjusting blogger Post and comment settings.This tutorial help you to Enable comments and Set the post number which is show in your blog main page.comments is the most important part of your blog site if you want to know visitors think and suggestion,  for your posts then you need to enable comment. follow the following instruction it will positively help you to great blogging.

  •  Show at most   : set the no of the post  in the main page
  •  Post Template  : Add Text or Coding it will automatically appear each time you begin a new post
  •  Comment location:  Choose to Embedded your comment your comment have them open in new page or open in popup window or hide them all together
  •  Who can comment : Specify who is allowed to comment on your blog , if you want to get  comment by everyone then select anyone
  •  Comment Moderation : Review comment before they are published.
  • Show Backlinks : See other pages on the web that are linking to your posts Select Hide here
  •  Comment Form Message :Add a massage to your comment section, people will see this above the box where they leave their comment 
Step 1. enter the number of the post which you want to show in your main page
adjusting post and comment setting

Step 2.  Add text or coding it will automatically appear each time you begin a new post
Step 3.  Choose Embedded and set the option as you want

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