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How to add Contact Form Widget to Blogger

Learn how to add contact us form widget

If you have a blog then you should add contact me form on your blog. The long wait is finally over and blogger has come up with its own contact me form. Blogger has added a new Contact Form Widget which will fit into your Blog’s sidebar. You no need to copy any 3rd party code for your blog.  You can also add the same contact form on a separate page and customize it .if you want to Adding a contact form to Blogger is now really easy. Below steps will guide you in adding the contact form.

Why should I add the new Blogger Contact Form?

Visitors can easily drop a message to you straight from your blog. You don’t have to reveal your email address to the web to provide users with an option to contact you. If you like getting suggestions, queries or any other feedback from the users, make sure that you add the contact form to your blog. It’s really easy to add the form and doesn’t require any 3rd party code to be added to your blog.

How to add the contact form to Blogger

  1. Sign in to your blogger dashboard.

add the new Blogger Contact Form widget

  2.Now click on the drop down menu and choose Layout.

contact form on a separate page and customize it


  3.Click on the Add a Gadget Link and select More from the left Menu. You can add the add the brand new contact form the right side list.

Contact me Form blogger new gadget to your blog visitor
Add contact me form for our blog sidebar

  4.You can Set an appropriate title for the Gadget and click save button.

contact us form widget for blogger blog

  5.Click save arrangement and you are done.

How to add contact me form for our blog visitor

 Now You are done you can see contact me form on your website.



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