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Introducing Blogger Dashboard Complete Step by Step

In the previous post I have teach you how to create blog in Google blogger and today I will introduce you from Blogger Dashboard.
After Creating Blogspot blog you need to know about your blogger dashboard in depth today I will tell you step by step about each function of your blog and their use. So let’s start blogging
  1. First you need to go http:\\Blogger. Com and Login with your Blogger/Gmail Id.

  2.   Now you at your blogger dashboard shown below.


  3.Blogger dashboard has a tow section (a) Top  and  (b) Middle/bottom first we will  discussed about both
Top bar: -- In the top bar you can see first new blog icon in the left side and also your blog Page Views and total number of Post, Blog Published Date and Google Plus follower, and you can see pencil icon for creating new Post, and blogger Menu bar and in the top of you can see your Google plus profile name, Google Apps, Notification and share button for your post that shown below in image


Middle Bar:--- In the middle bar first you can see Add button you can add your new many blog here and below you can see  All blog list, your all Post shown in your middle dashboard.


     4. Now we will start open blog menu bar and review each option step by step. Click       first option Overview. 

Overview: -- Overview will show default when your click on particular blog, you can see your page-view month wise in graph on left side at below the graph and at below and, it show three top traffic sources of your blog. And many more other things under like Comment and other published blog guide, Published comments, Page-views Today, Followers of your blog.


Post :-- Now Click on second option Post, you can see here two option All post and Published post, and check box for each post when your cursor touch on any post title then you will see Edit, Share, View and Delete Post option in below the post heading. In all post you can see here your all Published posts and Draft post and all other information about your posts like Label which you add in your Blog post, Author Name, Google + shares (you can share your any post direct to Google plus), Number of Comments on a Particular Post, Number of page-views of each Post. On top of the Posts Bar, you can see Number of posts in your Blog and other options like Delete post(you can delete any post), Publish post, Revert to Draft(You can save your any post in draft before publishing). You can check the number of posts and can operate all actions mentioned in the above.
And second option published post it show only published post.

setup+blogger+page+settingPages: --- It will show you all pages Like About Us, Contact Us and other pages. You can see New Page, Published, Revert to Draft and Delete icon button. You can Create and Published New Pages and Revert to Draft or Delete of any pages through fill the selected page check box and click delete or revert to draft or published button and when your cursor touch on any post title then you will see Edit, Share, View and Delete Post option for editing, sharing and deleting of any pages.


Google + :--     Google + is a Social Networking site created by Google you can see your Google Plus profile and it will help you share your Post to Google Plus audience automatically. Fill the check all box for sharing and promoting your post to Google Plus and for using Google plus comment.

Status: --                   When you will open status it will directly open overview it is data collection of your site status   like pageviews today, yesterday, last month and All time History. It will show you your site pegeviews Post wise, Country wiese and number of people searches your post or blog/site, and traffic sources of your blog.
Definitely Status showing your site traffic information but check your blog original Traffic Status use Google Analysis which is very accurate and effective.


Earning:--       For every blogger have a best way to earning that is provided by Google Adsense .Ofcourse there are many source to earning money from blog but the Google Adsense is a best and effective way to earning form blog. Google Adsense and other ways for earning we will discussed in further chapter.


Layout: --       Layout is most important part of blog it used for customization of blog layout. Blogger has a very simple and easy to customizeblog layout or template. It will show your blog header, Post area, Sidebar and Footer of your blog. You can add a number of widgets and advertisement, forms, Social bookmarking widgets etc and adjustment or Edit of your blog Header, Post Area, Sidebar, Footer and widgets. Learn how to add custom widgets to blogger blog.


Template:-      When you click on Template your blog live shown in desktop version and mobile version and below many template you can choose any one template for your blog and here you can see two button  (A) Customize and  (B) Edit HTML. The both option are very important for every blogger through (a) Customize option you can customization ofblog template one can change/adjust template background/Sidebar/Header/Footer, color, font and so on and (B) Edit Html is show template coding if you have a knowledge of html, Css and other language you can edit your template coding easily to learn how to customize template or Edit template Click here.


Settings: -        In the Settings you can adjust or re-setup blog settings. Here have five option Basic, Post & Comment, Mobile & Email, Language and Formatting, Search Preference and Other  you can setup all this things easily How to setup each blogger Setting I will tell you step by step in further chapter.


How to create new Google Blogger step by step tutorial

create free blog

How to Create My first Blog/Site

  • Before hand, know the first 5 things your are going to post. 
 Before starting you should Have a logo and an idea of your main  colors for Creating a blog with Google Blogger ! Who knew?
 Before you start, you should know what your plan is...
  • There are three main types of blogs:
    1. personal/journal
    2. collaborative- more than one author
    3. topical-based on a particular subject
  • Choose what type of blog you want to create and make sure it reflects your goals while providing value to your target audience.
  • Decide how often you are going to post, how often you post is based on the reader audience you have.
  • Get some things together.

How to Customize blogger default template Step by Step tutorial

In Previous Post i teach you How to create Static Page and in this post you will learn how to change blog title, Change blog Background Color, text Color, Link, Font, Color Post Headings, Width, Height, and customization footer or Sidebar column and so on...
Every user wants to make Professional, beautiful, eye catching and SEO Friendly their blog/Website therefore it's important that customization blog Template. Blogger have number of themes for blogger and  easy option to customization blog themes and no need to highly technical skills.

It's true that blogger provide a many themes for their user but blogger template is very oldest and designed many years ago and not proper seo friendly or professional therefore i suggest you customize third party template, which is SEO friendly and good layout, capable to achieve your target audience and according to your blog topic. To Learn how to upload 3rd party template click  here     

How to Customize blog default Template

Blog have an easy function for customization your blog theme. You can change your blog backgroundpost background , and text color , link color tab and template, width and so on below the step of customization. 

A). Sign in on and go to your blog dashboard now open menu bar and click to Template

Customize your blog default template

B) . Click to Customize if you have HTML knowledge you can change in Edit HTML by coding and you can make your blog beautiful.

learn how to customiz blog default template

C) . Now you are in blogger Template Designer Page. First option is Template There are some Themes that is provided by blogger. To change your Theme  select one and see the effect below.

make your website look beautiful by customizing your blog template

D) . Second option is Background that option provide you color adjustment  on your main theme color and background you can see below the changes.

Customize blogger theme and change blog background color

E) . Third option is Adjust Widths this option provide you widths adjustment of your post and sidebar. 

Set/customize your blog width

F) . Forth option is Layout it provide you to change your blog layout like sidebar , footer ,header, navebar, Pages and so on and below by click on Edit you can change all the setting or your blog layout.

change your blog layout and sidebar
customize your blog layout

G).Fifth or last option is Advance It provide some important option Page Text, Background, Links, Blog Title, Tabs Text, Tabs Background, Post Title, Date Header, Post, Gadgets, Footer, And last Add CSS.
This option provide you the service for changing Page Text, Background, Links, Blog Title, Tabs Text, Tabs Background, Post Title, Date Header, Post, Gadgets, and Footer font and color.

change your blog layout and sidebar

    H).Add CSS  It is the most important for blog designer if you have a knowledge of  CSS you Can add Css on the text box and make your blog beautiful.

make your blog template look beautiful

I).Now see your blog look like

give a beautiful look to your blogger blog by customizing

Create static Pages In blogger blog

Every new user mostly get confused between Posts and Pages, Bingers have a question because blogger has both by default and both look the same in the blog/website.
In Previous Post You have learned how to create new blogger blog In this post i will tell you some key differences between both and how to create static Pages step by step. 

Difference Between Post & Pages

Post mainly used for latest update educational, tutorials, article, news, informational, discussion, entertainment, opinion etc and User preferred it in majority for their content that display on your site on the basis of publishing time, show in chronological order in website/blog. User are also used in RSS feed so that it can delivered the update to user and also sharing in Social networking site like Facebook, Google Plus, twitter etc. for getting traffic and search engine also indexing every post. That encourages the visitor for discussion through comment on certain topic.

Pages mainly used for static content that are not being expire or that not need to be change time to time such as the About Us, contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms etc. that are not time-sensible and does not support RSS feed, Social Sharing, and other additional gadgets. That are not appear at Home and not social friendly and blogger allow only 20 pages in one blog moreover Post are unlimited. 

 How to create pages in blog

A).Go to and sign in after sign in you will be reach on your blogger dashboard. Open Menu Bar and click on Pages.

How to create page in blogger blog post

B) . Click on New Page icon and choose option first , Blank Page.

Create pages in your blog

C) . Enter a Title in title field and consider writing in large text box same as posting for your blog and after that click UPDATE.

create pages in your blogger blog

D) . Your are done. Now click Save arrangement.

Create your blog page

E) . Refresh on your blog and your page is here.                                               

Create your free professional website

Download/Install whatsapp on Computer/ Laptop


After Few Research I found Way of using What app, We chat,  Line, facebook app , Viber , and Some other Massaging  app on Computer/PC or Laptop in this tutorial I will tell u how to use whatsapp on computer or laptop the same way you have to  follow to install other Massaging app on pc.
Whatapp is one of the most popular platforms for unlimited free instant massaging via text, image, audio & video without having to pay for SMS that use the internet for communication .It’s available for I Phone, Blackberry, Window phone and other android   Phone.

WhatsApp was founded by Americans Brain Action and Jan Action in 2009, they both were former employees of Yahoo. Whats app competing with the number of massaging service like line, We Chat , viber, chat on, kakao Talk , Telegram   and so on…. Whatsapp had 450 billion active users daily and handling billions of text, images and Audio-video massages and creating daily new record.

In Febuary 19, 2014 Facebook Purchased whatsapp in $16 billion plus
How to Download What app Massinger for PC
1.     First You Have to Download BlueStack (App) in your computer or laptop to download the blue stack click on this link 
2.     After Downloading you need to install this app
3. After installation Blustack app you have to download Whatsapp 
4.     After Downloading you have to install whatsapp in your pc
5.     After installation Click blue stack icon and open it
6.     Now in blue stack click on My app
7.     Now you will see Whatapp. Click on it
8.     Accept terms and condition>> Click Next >> Type your Mobile Number>> Choose Country and you have done
9.     Now Enjoy Whatsapp in your computer and use it

Note: - For Installation we chat, Line or any Other Massaging app in pc after installation blue stack you have to download that app  and have to follow same steps

What is blog? and Different use of blogging


What is Blog

A blog (a contraction of the words web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web. it is a free service for online Content Management (CMS), provided by Google (, word press, and other service provider like, and But the & wordpress are most popular and commonly used by users. In the beginnings of blog it used for just like an online diaries on a particular subject by single users. Users were used for just personal online directory & biographic information or keeping online basic information about our organization & any other subject through text, images & audio-video & links.

How to add Meta Tag to Better SEO In Blogger Blog

How to add Meta Tag for better SEO in blogger Blog

Google Blogger Developer continually working hard for improving Search preference feature for our blogger. Blogger old interface was difficulty in adding Meta tags to each individual Post. Now Blogger have made easy to  adding different Meta tags for different or each post in blogger new interface. There is new method of adding meta description to any blog post automatically while writing the post itself.

In one of my Previous Post I have discussed about other important settings in search preference like How to add Custom Robot.txt and How to add Custom Robots header tag  in the terms of SEO. In this post I will tell you how to add different Meta tag for different or each post in blogger new interface. This tool is very useful in terms of Search engine optimization (SEO) and getting high ranking on Google Search. This will be useful steps to brings you more traffic to your blog so I advise you to use Google Meta Tag Tool well.

How to Setup Custom robots header tags in blogger

How to setup custom robots header tags in blogger

Blogger is continuously improving Search preference feature, in the settings blogger new added some very important feature in the context of SEO. Custom Robots Header Tags is one of the most important features for improve our blog traffic and blog ranking.In previous tutorial i posted you Custom robot.txt file it's also most important for seo . Today tutorial I tell you Second handy feature, how to enable custom robots header tags in blogger blog.After enable custom robots header tags you will defiantly get high traffic in your blog.You have to be careful to setup custom robots text because if you do something wrong Google not index your page in search engine. Follow these steps carefully and it will positively help you to increase your website traffic.  

How to Add Custom Robot.txt in blogger

Add Custom robot.txt in blogger

In one of my Previous Post I have discussed about blogger basic settings .today I tell you blogger more and importantsettings for SEO. This Post about Custom Robot.txt file which is most important for blog Search Ranking, Custom Robot.txt means now you can customize this robot file according to your choice. In today’s tutorial I will discuss about Custom Robot.txt in deep and come to know about it’s use and benefits. I will also tell you how to add custom Robot.txt in blogger. So let start the tutorial.

What is Custom Robot.txt   

Custom Robot.txt is a text file which contain a few simple code.Custom robot.txt is saved on the blog’s  or website server which is instruct the web crawlers, how to index and crawl your blog in the search engine.That means web crawlers index your content by following your instruction in the robot.txt. by customization of robot.txt you can restrict any web page on your blog from web crawlers so that it can’t get indexed in search engines like your blog labels page, your demo page or any other pages that are not as important to get indexed.

Settings up mobile and email and Language and Formatting in blogger blog

language and formating in blogger

Setting Mobile and email

Blogger this function give you option for Setup your mobile device (like a smart phone or I Pad) so that you can publish your blog posts straight from them without a computer. Send your posts to your blog via text message or email.
For this settings you need to add your email address in the Comment Notification Email section. This way, you can receive an email every time when someone posts a comment to your blog. You can also set up your posts so that they are automatically emailed to certain people every time when you publish a new post.Follow these steps and image below for the better setting of your blog.

Step 1. Posting Using SMS/MMS : (Add your mobile device so that you can post from your phone.)
Step 2. Posting Using Email : (Select Published email immediately so that you can publish post by email.) 
Step 3. Comment Notification Email:(Choose up to 10 people who will be notified every time   when someone someone leaves you a comment)
Step 4. Email Post to : ( choose up to 10 people who your blog post will be emailed to every time you published.)  

How to change/Adjusting comment and post Settings with blogger blog

change comment and post settings with blogger


About Post and comments settings

Blogger added a post and comments settings option for our blogger. this settings Enable you to give the comments option to your blog visitor and set the number of post which you want to show in the main page of your is sufficient to know the visitor view about your post. By Enable comments, you will give option for the visitors in your blog to respond to your published posts. Blogger supports threaded commenting which means we display comments such that a reader can more easily differentiate between whether someone is making a general comment on the thread, or responding to another comment on the thread. Single-level comments will always be displayed chronologically.

Today i tell you how to change/adjusting blogger Post and comment settings.This tutorial help you to Enable comments and Set the post number which is show in your blog main page.comments is the most important part of your blog site if you want to know visitors think and suggestion,  for your posts then you need to enable comment. follow the following instruction it will positively help you to great blogging.

How to edit blogger basic settings

How to edit blogger basic settings

I would like to tell you that can be easily overlooked when setting upBlogger blogs, and that is the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I mentioned in my article on large blogger tutorial website that I recommend opening a Blogger account as, in my experience, Google blogs rank very well in search results on Google. It is important, that you focus on the settings for the blog and for each individual post as well as the content of each post.
Firstly, I tell you how to edit basic settings on your blog; step by step I am giving you demo through screen short that how to edit your title and description, making sure that which you use core keywords that you have researched (see my article on Keyword for ideas and guidance for the basic setting of the blogger ):
Step 1. Go to blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic, click Edit and setup your blog basic setting.
Step 2. Read the following example carefully and see the below image it will positively help you to increase your Blog/Website traffic.

  •            Title                      -       Fill Blogger Title.
  •            Description           -       Write Blogger Description
  •            Privacy                  -        Select Visible to search engines.
  •            Blog Address        -        Write Blog URL/Address like
  • Blog Author          -        Write your name and Email Id 
  • Blog Readers         -        Select Anybody

How To insert You Tube video in blogger blog

how to insert youtube video in blogger post

Blogger has added a video uploading feature to their post editor which allows users to insert videos directly into their blog entries. The tool is straightforward to use, with a new button in the editor toolbar that allows you to browse your computer for a video, upload it to Blogger, and then insert it in your post.

Mostly bloggers embed videos of their channel, any tutorial video or any entertainment video to their blog posts

Benefit of videos in Blog/Website

Videos really look good and make our blog post eye catching. They also help to increase visitor’s visit time that automatically increases our post rank in search engines. Embedding videos from YouTube into blog post is very easy. this tutorial teach you how to insert video directly from our computer and how to insert embed videos in blog/website form your tube. 

How to add Facebook Profile Widget to blogger blog

Build a Facebook Profile Widget for blogger blog

Facebook widget are a customizable way to share your Blog/Website with your Facebook friends and increase your blog/website traffic ,it will be automatically updated and visible to anyone .you can use your Facebook profile widget to replace blogger’s default profile widget which do not look cool. Facebook Profile widget is nicely designed and gives a professional look to your blog/website .This widget badge also help to make your presence more strong to your blog/website reader and give you large Facebook fans and build your website/blog large social network.


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